Add Doge to Provide

Would love it if incognito could add Doge to provide. They considered it at one point but then reversed course.

I have DOGE i am holding long term and would much prefer to have it on incognito than centralized exchange to earn interest.

Anybody else want DOGE in provide?


I’d love to see “everything” in provide - even if for a very low %. If I understand correctly, it would provide more liquidity and then hopefully would encourage more trades because of less issues with bad trades due to low liquidity.

People are getting discouraged when they make trades and end up losing a lot of money because they weren’t careful when buying into coins with low liquidity.

I don’t understand fully the risks/rewards of adding liquidity through “add a pair” function. I just know that it means I have to also risk PRV.

I’d love to see more coins available like ALGO, ADA, VET, SOL, ONE, etc. I just don’t have the funds or understanding to bring them in and add liquidity for them… If they were in provide that would give incentive for people to bring them in?


I don’t think we need EVERYTHING. Remember, all that APR does not come out of thin air, the team spins up nodes to pay those out. That’s less PRV in the pocket of community validators. There should be an expansion of provide to offer more coins, but don’t think every single coin needs it.

I don’t think they will be adding anything more to Provide (hope I am wrong). They previously indicated numerous times that they want to remove the “Provide” feature at some point in the future.

I agree with you, adding more coins to provide does not make sense especially with the pools available to users.

This is still the goal, however, right now we do not have a timeframe for removing the Provide feature of the app. Eventually, we plan on only having the pools available on the app.

To clarify…I do NOT want provide to overall go away, and DO want Doge added to provide.

I was just prognosticating that it was unlikely to happen.

Hope the team changes its mind and keeps Provide around and added DOGE

Ah, I misread your previous post.

What benefit do you see over having it in provide compared to a pool? Pools help strengthen PRV.

In all honesty, i haven’t messed with the pools because I have been trying not to do “too much” with the new setup as things are constantly in-flux these days with incognito. And i figured, best to just keep my nodes working, and money in provide. That being said…

I believe provide is better because isn’t there impermeable loss when using the pools?

Provide is simple. For instance, i set up a keychain for each of my nieces and nephews and put some PRV on them in provide. Plan to keep it there until they all turn 18 and then give it to them. I plan to do the same with some BTC, ETH, and DOGE. Provide gives me a simple way to earn APR on those without having to do anything, or worry about IL. All interest, etc is easily shown, and its a “set it and forget it” situation.


Of course Provide is easy and simple, but that comes at a cost. As mentioned in the pDEXv3 thread,

So yeah, it’s great, but that’s just a perk of being early. It’s like airdrops and the Kimchi Premium and other outsized arbitrage/earning opportunities. That kind of stuff doesn’t last long, and it’s foolish to think such easy money will be around forever.

I mean seriously, why should you be able to expect to earn 40% (or even 10%) APR guaranteed on “set it and forget it” mode into perpetuity? That’s just not how markets work.

The APRs in crypto now are a limited time offer in this early window of adoption in a brand new industry. It’s a lot like being involved in the Internet in the '90s. The best anyone can do is take advantage of it as much as you can for as long as you can, and keep your eyes open for the next opportunity. The unwise move is to assume easy returns will be constant into the future.


Ok. Well as long as they are keeping Provide around… I still wish they would add DOGE :smiley:

Why do you believe a meme coin is a good long-term hold?