Add Doge to Provide

Would love it if incognito could add Doge to provide. They considered it at one point but then reversed course.

I have DOGE i am holding long term and would much prefer to have it on incognito than centralized exchange to earn interest.

Anybody else want DOGE in provide?

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I’d love to see “everything” in provide - even if for a very low %. If I understand correctly, it would provide more liquidity and then hopefully would encourage more trades because of less issues with bad trades due to low liquidity.

People are getting discouraged when they make trades and end up losing a lot of money because they weren’t careful when buying into coins with low liquidity.

I don’t understand fully the risks/rewards of adding liquidity through “add a pair” function. I just know that it means I have to also risk PRV.

I’d love to see more coins available like ALGO, ADA, VET, SOL, ONE, etc. I just don’t have the funds or understanding to bring them in and add liquidity for them… If they were in provide that would give incentive for people to bring them in?