Acquire new, privacy focused users.

Hey guys, Andrey is here :wave:

I want to share with you our plans and direction on the growth perspective for the upcoming months.


During the past 4 months, we focus on growing validators and liquidity providers - people who power Incognito Network. In the upcoming months, we plan to focus on acquiring users - people who need privacy for their Bitcoins and Ethers.

Objective: Aquire privacy users

Length: 1-3 months based on the results

Key results:

  • Double number of daily shielding (reach 2400+ shieldings in August)
  • Release cross-pool trade functionality
  • Release pUniswap
  • Reskin Add flow

Find more about the development updates here


The core team works on making Incognitochain Bitcoin and Ethereum friendly. BTC and ETH holders will be able to shield, transfer, and swap their coins in the most seamless way.

  • to pay transaction, trading, unshielding fee (yep, itโ€™s coming) in BTC or ETH, or PRV
  • we also exploring new ways to incentivize and secure liquidity providers through Add flow, when a user fully controls his/her funds (Discussion about this will be open shortly)
  • help us to spread words about the Incognito and to make it default privacy wallet. Contribute to the awareness campaign and get rewards.