About the Incognito Community


There are admins in the Telegram group who are Absent from the list you shared. They are contributing to the controversial noise.

Thank you

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The Telegram channels (@incognitochain, @incognitonode, @incognitobuild, @incognitochannel) are UNofficial chat channels. The project moved community communications away from Telegram a year ago this month.

The Telegram channels have since been downgraded as unofficial “official” channels for new user discovery and community talk around. Recently the Incognito team has been tapping community members to moderate the Telegram channels as they continue to step further back from Telegram. Project leaders may be involved in Telegram discussion and moderation. However official support, project discussion and team communication are encouraged to be taken up on this website. It simply is not tenable to maintain consistent thread topics on Telegram; hence the move to a proper forum format.

On a related note – there is NO official Discord server. And never has been. Any Discord servers are run by community members. The quality and veracity of the discussion on those servers will only be as good as the members involved.



The Telegram chat used to be very friendly and respectful but it is true that it doesn’t feel like that anymore, I left the group and decided to just stay in the forum :cry:.


The builders and community’s cooperation is great!!!