A new chapter

Hey guys,

As you might know, I joined the project in 2019 and put all my effort into biz and growth activities. In June 2020, I took the opportunity to bring our vision to the world.

At this moment, with the current project goals and priorities, there is currently no space where my skill set can bring value, and it’s time for Incognito to assume a more decentralized structure. So, I resign from the project lead position and remain a supporter.

The entire core team is still working towards our common goal, and are some of the most capable devs I’ve ever had the opportunity to collaborate with. While I do think that it’s time to laser focus on the foundation, i’d also like to thank the community for believing in us, and hope you will continue supporting the team going forward. The numbers are nothing to sneeze at: $100M+ in shielding, $200M+ in trading volume and $42M locked in liquidity pools.

What’s next?

I stick with everything I shared publicly and everything I believe in. Blockchain is disrupting the world, crypto and stable coins are a new normal, and this new crypto world will not survive without privacy.

I still will be around as a network validator and community member, so feel free to tag me here or reach via Twitter or Telegram (boogaav)

Thank you, everyone!

PS: It goes without saying that I believe in Incognito’s future and intend to keep my PRV allocation in vNodes and Liquidity pools (it’s not investment advice).



That was really great to collaborate with you Andrey. Really great to build products with your help, to chat about vision, humans and all the other things.

Thank you Andrey, I hope that was only the first collaboration between us :pray:.



So sad. Thank you for all your contribution @andrey . You are a great leader :+1:

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Thank you, Andrey!


Sad to see you go :cry: thank you @andrey for your leadership and contributions! Incognito would not be here without you.

Once the foundations of privacy, liquidity and decentralisation are improved, would you consider coming back?

Also, do you know who will be taking up the leading role on growth and steering? Having an awesome dev team and tech foundations is great, but it’s not worth anything if the crypto community doesn’t know about the project!

Прощай Андрюша!:sob:
Well, you finally decided! MrRobot is back! Glad to see you all! @support return my status) I kissed and hugged everyone!:kiss:
We will change this world! We will build a new world!

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About how much prv you own? R u whale ?

It stuns me to see this posting by @Andrey…he in my book has been the leader with a vision that had brought Incognito this far…Andrey, I say this to you…thank you for all the work you put into this project and the friendship you extended to many in the dev team and among the members within the community…I can imagine that it had been difficult at times in the past steering this whale of a ship thru the undertaking it has taken on and though yes of recent the dev team and you especially had taken a lot of heat over diffirent issues I truly hope that is not the reason you are stepping down but if it is well that is regrettable and so I wish you the best of luck with whatever is next for you but please never forget this project or the community that you helped build…Tempestblack… :cry: :sunglasses:


:pray: :raised_hands: :cry:

Hey guys, thank you for the support!

@inccry for sure it’s just a beginning :wink:

@Ducky :black_heart:

Thank you @abduraman

@adrian, if there will be a way to contribute to the project in the future, I don’t see reasons why it shouldn’t happen ) In the end Incognito is open-sourced, permission-less network anyone should be able to contribute.

I think we will see when the time comes :slight_smile:

@zes333 welcome back )

@Fatfaa, Matt, I am happy that you are still around :wink:

Thank you @Tempestblack @Josh_Hamon!


Wow just saw this now…
Not sure what it means for the project but I guess we’ll all find out…

Thank you Andrey for the work you have done​:pray::blue_heart:


Hello community,
Very sad to read about Andrey news but also its good to read the team leaders are making this project work and go towards the main goals.
I would like to ask what is the process in order add PIVX into the pools.
Thanks in advance!

A really big supporter of the community!


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If you’re not the one to lead this, who has been slated to the task?


Hey @Josh_Hamon, as mentioned in the timeline. We’ll delay the pDEX and liquidity a bit due to resource limitations. Apart from the initiative Andrey described earlier, I’m looking into some improvements for pDEX (mostly on protocol and mechanism) now and will make a post for it once I have something.


Sorry to see you go. Best wishes! I have been a non tech user of this project since the beginning And have always enjoyed your perspective and hard work . We will miss it.


Hey Andrey I obviously don’t show up enough because I am just now learning of this. You have been an asset to the project and your guidance and updates will be missed.