A faster way of what listprivacycustomtoken does

Hey @Support,

Could you forward my question to the devs? listprivacycustomtoken RPC returns so late. Is there any other method/way to get the privacy custom tokens faster? Any other RPC? or a URL similar to api.incognito.org/ptoken/list? or something else?

In fact, getprivacycustomtoken also works for me but the problem is that it returns the whole transactions of that token. Currently, it is good since many privacy custom tokens haven’t used so much but eventually, it will be slower.


I am not sure either there is another method to pull those results or a method to increase the speed. Let me ask the dev then.

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Hey @Peter,

I’ve found it. Let me write it for future questions: https://api.incognito.org/pcustomtoken/list

Btw, it does not contain all of them and censors some coins like my shitcoin :joy: Someone who also wants all of them should use RPC.