8 million auditpress pcoin in prizes! Video competition for COP WATCHERS/1st Amendment Auditors

The first “auditpress” video competition
(1) a cop watch or 1st amendment video YOU created after the date of this post to [email protected] along with
(2)your “incognito address” from your INCOGNITO WALLET " (PHONE app)
3.Join @incognitochain on TELEGRAM and ask for help with app

1000 auditpress pcoin to every entry (one per person)
1000 press pcoin to my favorite top ten entries
1000 press pcoin bonus to every first time cop watcher or auditor.

Visit www.audit.press to find the list of video entries

These exercises are typically based on the freedoms inherently from the United states constitution and bill of rights but not limited to the usa
All are welcome as we encourage everyone to learn your rights and expand them