3rd Party Audits

It’s important to provide a level of trustworthiness in the tech solution to promote adoption, especially for a privacy focussed product. To this end I propose sourcing 3rd party audits on the various aspects of Incognito.

I understand that currently the bridges for coins other than Ethereum are federated, so I’d suggest the following order:

  • Audit of chain/wallet implementation: Since Incognito is one of the first sharded networks (and the first private one afaik) this is a large amount of unexplored complexity, so would be first priority - this is also the largest amount of auditing work to be done.
  • Audit of the Ethereum bridge as that’s the only trustless bridge currently.
  • Other bridges as trustless versions are released.

Some major crypto auditing companies that could be considered:


Yeap, given the prevalence of scams in this industry, an audit will certainly makes us stand out.

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Hi @mesquka
Your comment make sense.

We are thinking to start moving with audit initiative once the trust-less bridge for BTC & BNB is launched.

Estimated for this spring.