2nd node setup

Just a quick question. Got my 2nd node today. Tried to check the IP address in the app and when I click the normal wireless symbol it doesn’t show an IP like my first one does. I took the public key and used it in the https://watch.incognito.market/ and it’s saying node not found. I logged into root and it’s connected to my network. Can’t remember if there was a waiting period for it to sync or not. @Peter, any waiting period? I’m set up via Ethernet.

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Pretty sure it has to download all sorts of stuff, which can take like a day, maybe that’s it?
Interested to know the outcome and everything involved.

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Mine are coming 27th…I’ll be interested to see what happens…it was rough for the first one

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One thing I can say is this one did a lot more script work than the first. And it’s got a cute little green message on the nuc user screen saying leave this alone and start earning prv :stuck_out_tongue: One thing that’s a little weird is my firewall said an incoming connection from Germany. Check this out:

My firewall blocked it, not sure if it was supposed to be blocked.

Hmmm…interesting about the block…:thinking:

I’m curious if there’s supposed to be a command running or if it’s just supposed to be working in the background. It’s not really showing anything like my other node.

I’m still not sure what my new node is doing. It’s not visible from watch.incognito.market. Can someone help?

@Peter I have confirmed it’s finished syncing and now working like it should. Still the app but exists that doesn’t show the IP address on my second node. Just an FYI.

@annie, I feel like Peter accidentally blocked me. He’s not responding to my emails or any posts. I was one of the early adopters and I’m kind of feeling let down since he’s responded to everyone else on the forums. I’m quite disappointed. I’m not sure who else I can tag to get an answer. I just wanted to report the bug that any other nodes that you add in the app beyond one do not ping for an IP address. Like when you click the node name, it doesn’t show the IP like the first one.

Sorry that I missed your message. Give me your QR code in a private message so I can check further.