2nd Account?

I am interested in setting up a 2nd Incognito account. Is this allowable?
Thanks for your help!!

yes. You may create as many wallets as you would like from within the app.

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Hi there - Hope you had a wonderful weekend. At this point, I have set up 3 wallets but the only one that I have access to is the portfolio/wallet that is coordinated to the app. I do not have access to the other two portfolios/wallets.
When I set up all 3 wallets, I did NOT enter each wallet’s address. Is this the source of my problem? How do I backtrack so that I can enter the specific address into the setup page?

To expand on my comments above: To find the proper address, on the app, do I scroll to Keychains—>Anon—>Your Incognito Address? Is this correct?
How do I get to each address if I have only access to one wallet?

PS: In all 3 instances, I can log onto we.incognito.org.