24/7 Support Desperately Needed

We all understand this is a work in progress, BUT the staffs’ up time (working hours) need to either be:

  1. Staggered or
  2. Support staff hired to cover the weekends

This whole, we want to bring this project to the world, but only between Monday-Friday and at certain times of those days needs to come to an end.

Staggering shifts or hiring workers for the weekend needs to be a top priority, especially for a world-wide project.
Fundamentals people, fundamentals and basics determine if a business rises or falls.


I know I didn’t word this the best, don’t want to come off rude, but the overall thought is true.


Hey @Jerry_Watson, I agree there is a need for a better communication protocol and support structure. I am sure the team will learn from real-time experiences. We all community members must look to provide constructive feedback, lessons from our experiences, ideas/suggestions, and inputs in a way that will solicit consensus and enable the team to make the right decisions. Your thought is indeed correct, but I feel the choice of words on how you lay it out will go a long way in making an impact.

Just my two satoshis! :slight_smile:


Hi @sid and @Jerry_Watson

We are currently, in discussion about maintaining 24/7 for Customer support and Technical Support.

Your idea and suggestions always on our list about maintaining Incognito to grow :blush:. Sorry for your inconvenience about last night that Fullnode had some technical issues.

Thank you


Hi friends,
FYI: please check this proposal Community Engagement :grin:

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