$1 prv mark

HEY HEY we are almost at the $1 mark!!! nice to see prv is doing so good, and thanks to the incognito team for making all of this happen. :beers: cheers guys and gals :beers:


im really wanting to scale up on #pnode(s) before the trend catches too much notice. :thinking:

#NodeTree for the win :grin::running_man:


Getting to be a little late on that, kinda lol got all of mine on that dip to 57 cent. But still want to get more :slight_smile:

Obviously :slight_smile:

So what is the next milestone?

What about acquiring users who is looking for privacy + 10k or + 50k new users ?

This kind of milestone can be achieved only if we focus on it together:

  • be active on every privacy-related discussion (reddit, telegram, forums, youtube)
  • share info about incognito technology with own network
  • be proud of being part of the privacy movement
  • be the real privacy rebel :slight_smile:

How many active users are there now. And do you mean for the wallet or in the various communities?

That would be users for the wallet, but they are more than welcome here too. Letโ€™s unite.

I mean for the app: wallet, dex. To brig holders, traders, enthusiast, etc.

What does everyone think would be the best or even the easiest way to bring in more people to the community?

I know we are really into this grass roots and spreading everything by word of mouth. But, have we given any thought to having a real website. Telegram. Marketing. You know, all the conventional stuff. We donโ€™t need to be lurking in the corner just because we are all about privacy.

When we started we had a pretty slik website with videoโ€™s and all. We decided to make it more about the product than about marketing. That resulted in this platform. It took some time to get used to but it is working pretty well.

We are still on Telegram but if you want to make the team aware of something or brainstorm an idea with more than a few people you better create a post here.

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  1. I think one of the easiest way to grow community is to bring friends and colleagues here.

I do not mean to pitch the idea to run a vNode or buy pNode.

Just to use Incognito as default privacy protecting app. Beside the privacy feature, transferring Bitcoin via Incognito is faster and maybe 10k times cheaper.

  1. Second powerful option is to be recognized by Bitcoin core devs as one of the best privacy protecting app. After bitcoin devs will come bitcoin early adopters. If those people use incognito we will gain hundred thousands of new users. @elena works in this direction.

  2. Creating articles on Wikipedia and collaboration with privacy protecting organizations and individual like Edward Snowden will help as well.

  3. And of course collaboration with privacy enthusiasts like Rob Braxman will help us to grow)