#1 Incognito Ecosystem meetup: Builders talkshow

Hi everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

You may have noticed the rapid growth of the builder community, with many new builders bringing a ton of useful products to the Incognito ecosystem over the months.

We’ve discovered that organizing Builder Rewards every month is absolutely not enough to fulfill either the community’s diverse demands or the builders’ concerns. So, we think there should be a unique opportunity for all of us to meet and discuss a new direction, live!

Join us for the 1st Incognito Ecosystem Builders Meetup, the main focus centered on further improving the builder environment and available resources.

What will we discuss in the meetup?

  • Incognito ecosystem overview.
  • Builders presentation.
  • Open Q&A.

Meetup details

Time: 1PM UTC | 8PM GMT+7 | 8AM EST | 5AM PST
Date: Wednesday, 4 November 2020
Where: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86448464039
Livestream: on Incognito YouTube channel.
Host: @Aaron :slight_smile:

Hey folks, if you’re not a builder yet, but have = inspiration for building a new product, come and share your idea too! You’re a gem! :gem:

See you then!


Hey @inccry @taind @Josh_Hamon @J053, as informed you guys earlier, I’d be awesome if you could prepare some slides and share with the community about your products and vision.

See you all on the meetup next week! :raised_hands:

Onwards and upwards!


We already had the presentation ready. See you all soon.

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Thanks @taind. See you! :+1:

Hey all,

Thank you for joining in the meetup yesterday, especially for all community builders who have been strongly contributing to the Incognito ecosystem development. :muscle:

If you’d missed the call, you could have watched the recap here:

Looking forward to hearing more feature suggestions and ideas from the community! Thank you all :black_heart:

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