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The state of decentralization

When you hear about Incognito, you probably hear that it’s a DEX, a privacy wallet, a kind of node, or a blockchain network. And yet, Incognito is none of that and all of that at the same time. When I think of Incognito…

3 March 20, 2021
The Incognito privacy stack - How am I private?

Incognito is a privacy ecosystem. It’s not a single privacy coin, it’s a place you can go to use any of your favorite cryptocurrencies privately. It’s not a mixer, it’s a layer of privacy that protects you while you’re …

10 March 13, 2021
The state of open-source code 1 March 18, 2021
Transaparency update 26/03/2021 3 March 28, 2021
Transparency update - 18/03/2021 5 March 19, 2021